Raw Ingredients

Have you ever wondered how to make cleaning products used by households each and every day? Think about it, what is the raw ingredients that go into these household products. The formula or recipe, how much of what..... These formulations are for South Africa(and surrounding countries).

With the help of Elmarie, with more than 30 years experience in the raw ingredient supply market, and with the formulation of recipes for ever product you can buy, we are making this knowledge available to you, today. When purchasing this e-book, you can manufacture your own products by following the recipes step by step to make a success of your new business.

From the simple formulas, like "How to Make Sanitiser" to the more complex ones, the first 30 formulas are all added into 1 e-book. We also sell some recipes not included in the current books separately, or as a combo package, as each product is a business on its own, but we decided to give you access to ALL these commercial formulations so YOU can start your own business for a very low price.

Ingredients and recipes

  • How to make 2 in 1 Window and Surface cleaner
  • How to make Automatic Dishwasher Powder
  • How to make Air Freshener(Water based)
  • How to make All Purpose Cleaner
  • How to make All Purpose Cleaner GEL
  • How to make Dash shine
  • How to make Dishwashing Liquid
  • How to make Drain Cleaner
  • How to make Dry foam Carpet Cleaner
  • How to make Engine Degreaser No 1
  • How to make Engine Degreaser No 2
  • How to make Fabric Softener
  • How to make Foam Bath
  • How to make Graffiti Remover(Wall stains)
  • How to make Household Bleach
  • How to make Household thickened Bleach
  • How to make Heavy duty industrial Disinfectant (Black Dip)
  • How to make High Foam Washing Powder
  • How to make Liquid Hand Soap
  • How to make Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • How to make Low Foam Washing Powder
  • How to make Multi Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser
  • How to make Oven Cleaner
  • How to make Pine Gel
  • How to make Pine Disinfectant Gel
  • How to make Sanitiser (Anti-Bacterial for Surfaces, not hands)
    See the 40 formulations for the COVID-19 Hand Sanitiser GEL/Spray.
  • How to make Scouring Powder
  • How to make Toilet Cleaner
  • How to make Waterless Hand Cleaner
  • How to make Window Cleaner

    How do I use this knowledge?

    You re-package the product into smaller containers and sell it.
    That is what the BIG companies are doing.
    Create your own BRAND, and become the next household name.

    How do I know what these Raw ingredients are?

    Ingredients: Frequently Asked Questions (Opens on new page)

These 30 instructions/recipies only ask for a small investment amount of R499 (South African Rand).

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These recipes are for commercial cleaning products - can be used in households and industrial environments.

Ingredients: Sanitiser

Makes 100L Sanitiser

10.0% - BAC 50
05.0% - NP 9
85.0% - Water

- Add Water to container
- Stir water
- Add BAC 50
- Mix thoroughly
- Add NP 9, while stirring
- Mix thoroughly

BAC 50 =
Anti Bacterial agent
NP 9 =
Thickening agent,
Wetting agent and
Foam Booster

Use or Repack and Sell

Easy and straight forward. Making from 1 to a 1,000L or 1,000kg of a product - you take control.


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