20 Household detergent recipes - added 2011

The long awaited recipes to increase your current 30 household detergents formulae. For those with the current batch of household ingredient recipes, here is the next 20. Anyone who already bought or buy the first 30 recipes will get these 20 recipes for the discounted amount of R370 (saving R100).

On this page, please find the prices of the household detergents recipes.
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More cleaning product recipes due soon, Elmarie in the final testing phase.

For the original 30 household product formulae, see the "How to Make" link at the top left(opens in a new window). For the list of the next 20 recipes added during 2011, see below:

We added one of the most requested formulations "How to make AntiBacterial Dishwashing Liquid". Use these commercial household cleaning detergent recipes to start your own home business. No funny raw material names to force you to buy from us - these are chemical names recognised by any raw chemical supplier in South Africa.

20 x Household Detergents - recipes

  • •  How to make your own Anti-Bacterial Dishwashing Liquid
    •  How to make your own Antifreeze
    •  How to make your own Bike Shine
    •  How to make your own Braai/BBQ Cleaner
    •  How to make your own Car Wash and Wax
    •  How to make your own Dash and Tyre Silicone Spray – 2
    •  How to make your own Degreasing Salts  
    •  How to make your own Floor Stripper
    •  How to make your own General Cleaner(Powder)    
    •  How to make your own Industrial Floor Cleaner      
    •  How to make your own Laundry Spot Remover        
    •  How to make your own Lavender Wax Floor Polish
    •  How to make your own Liquid Floor Polish
    •  How to make your own Liquid Pine Disinfectant     
    •  How to make your own Mop and Shine                      
    •  How to make your own Party Foam
    •  How to make your own Silver Polish           
    •  How to make your own Solvent Wax Floor Polish   
    •  How to make your own Truck Wash                           
    •  How to make your own White Emulsion Wax Floor Polish


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    1) Our chemical recipes are written for SOUTH AFRICA (naming standards used overseas are different to ours and don't work).
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Manufacture Sanitiser

Makes 100L Sanitiser

10.0% - BAC 50
05.0% - NP 9
85.0% - Water

- Add Water to container
- Stir water
- Add BAC 50
- Mix thoroughly
- Add NP 9, while stirring
- Mix thoroughly

BAC 50 =
Anti Bacterial agent
NP 9 =
Thickening agent,
Wetting agent and
Foam Booster

Use or Repack and Sell

Easy and straight forward. Making from 1 to 1,000L at a time.

Email: Info@Ingredients.ZA.NET for sample of the actual BOOK - with the 1st 30 recipes.



With 30 Years PLUS PERSONAL Experience within the chemical industry to answer questions about your new household detergent business.

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