Ingredients: DRAIN CLEANER

50kg Drain Cleaner

Sodium Hydroxide flakes
Sodium Metasilicate
Aluminium filings

- Sprinkle 46.5kg Caustic in a suitably sized container
- Over the flakes, sprinkle 500 g Sodium Metasilicate
- Sprinkle 3kg of fine Aluminium filings
- Mix thoroughly

Repack and Sell

Adopt the quantity to your specific needs.

(Free Draincleaner recipe)

Ingredients: Formulations or Recipes

  • COVID-19 - Corona Virus
    Chemical Companies are ALLOWED to be OPEN during the South African lock down. They can close anytime they want, so we can not know if they will be open to sell raw chemicals to you.
    Alcohol and Ethanol are 2 of the main ingredients in the making of Hand Sanitisers that can kill the corona virus. These 2 chemicals were in SHORT SUPPLY during 2020, and somewhat during 2021. Some suppliers rationed how much they give each client as new stock arrives, so keep on shopping. China is also opening/closing as the virus flare up - so please plan ahead. We supply you with 35 suppliers in South Africa, shop around if you can't find it at your prefered supplier.
    Hand Sanitizer Gel - we have a recipe in book 3, but one of the ingredients is quite expensive to buy.
    Email us for 2 free WHO sanitiser formulations (Hand Rub) - these are Alcohol/Ethanol based and will be able to kill the CoronaVirus.

    Please note that the Sanitiser in Book 1 is for surfaces, and is NOT a HAND Sanitiser.

    Lastly, everyone wants Sanitiser/Sanitizer... Bleach, as one of the cheapest chemicals to make, is also in HUGE demand, as is the other basic cleaning chemicals because people need to clean their houses as much as their bodies. Book 1 contains most of the Household detergents people want. .
  • 30 Years PLUS PERSONAL experience
    If you do the same thing for a living for more than 30 YEARS, what level of experience do you think will you find??
    I can tell you: a MASTERS Level.

    You might find some people on the internet selling some recipes for household ingredients/detergents, but NONE can GUARANTEE support like we can. If you invest in a NEW BUSINESS VENTURE, you would like to know that someone with 30 Years plus experience is looking after you.
    If you make a mistake on a small scale, no problem. BUT, invest R10,000 in your first real commercial batch of household/industrial detergents and it start to turn PURPLE in your driveway, what do you do?? Elmarie knows what you should do, does these other people know?
    Anyway, try not to kill someone by buying some 'crap' internet recipes from a dude in Tembisa or from a "mom with her handy recipes". We do not support or fix recipes you bought from overseas or from these shady sources. (Yes, we get these requests for help all the time, because you can't make a useless formulation work - so please beware.).
  • How will I ever know what these names mean?
    We have a chapter with all the common names for the raw materials.
    Bac 50 = Empigen BAC 50
    (= Quarternary Ammonia Comp. = Benzylkonium Chloride)
  • Sample of what something does:
    We give you a basic functions list.
    "Bac 50" is an Anti Bacterial Agent.

    and a few more examples...
    - "Ammonia" = Cleaning agent in Handy Andy (Please note we DO NOT sell the recipe for Handy Andy, as the words "Handy Andy" is a Trademark, but our "All Purpose Cleaner" will work 100% the same, if you know what I mean.)
    - "Coconut Diethanolamide" is a Foam Booster
    - "Empicol LX 28" - Used together with SLES gives the end product a Rich Cream Foam
    - "SLES" = Foam former and Degreaser
    (Talking about SLES: In Cape Town and Durban there is a scam going where you can buy VERY CHEAP Dishwashing Liquid. What the scamsters do is to just have Water/SLES and some Lemon Perfume with a bit of dye, and then sell this as a FULL product called Dishwashing Liquid. The actual QUALITY recipe for dishwasher liquid contains all the of the following, so decide for yourself:
    Sulphonic Acid - Sles 25% - CDE - Urea - TEA - NP 9 - Formalin - Fragrance - Water - Caustic lye - Salt (fine) - Dye
    ---> If you want to buy the real recipe/dishwashing liquid formulation, we have it. If you want to join the world of quick money or "money for nothing" or mom selling "35 of my favourite and most handy formulas", go somewhere else, we sell Commercial Household Detergent recipes only.
  • Where do I buy these raw materials/ingredients?
    We give you the contact details. We give you the raw chemical/material/ingredient names as used in South Africa, so you can buy from any chemical suplier. We do NOT supply you with our own 'made-up' chemical names, and then force you to buy the chemicals from us to make some extra money off you.
  • How to make Candles:
    Don't spend money on recipes for making candles - there is no recipe, just buy wax and a release agent from your nearest chemical supplier and google "how to make candles".
  • PH testing:
    HTH Quick Test - Buy these from any Supermarket.
    To be the same as water, the PH should be between 7.2 and 7.5.
    When the PH reach 9 or higher, the colour(dye) of your products will start to disappear after a few days. PH testing is important for consistent results.
    (Also follow the sequence of adding raw chemicals as we give it to you. Example, a low PH(acidic) mix will 'eat' your colour even as you add it).
    KEEP IN MIND - Some of these chemicals can cause permanent damage if used incorrectly.
  • Type of formula mixes:
    10% of the formulae in the book require heat as part of the process. Then we are talking about a normal gas stove or an electrical stove, water boiling or other ingredients going up to 60 degrees C. You will need a thermostat for those recipes.

  • Contact us:
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    Send me an email, or download your invoice from the Order Here page
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    I'll monitor for the funds to clear into the account, and then email the ingredients e-book to you.
    You also get a 2nd document with more technical info.
    Yes, the ebook give you the names of commercial/industrial chemical suppliers in major South African towns. You then also have access to Elmarie with all your technical questions.
    • 30 and 50 recipes E-Books: (The file sizes)
      PDF documents - Size 332K(Via email) - 37 Pages in total.

      "Where to from Here" - Questions and Answers style document - Size 274K(Via email - comes with the e-books)
      The next 20 detergent recipes - also a Word document 328K - 26 pages.
      40 Formulations book also less than 1meg.
  • Quantities:
    Most raw chemical products come in 25Kg containers - the smallest.
    Where only a small percentage point is needed as part of a bigger mix, please talk to Elmarie.
  • 2nd hand Tanks and mixing equipment:
    Please have a look at these used chemical processing equipment for sale. Click here--> Used stainless steel tanks and mixers that can be used for mixing and storing chemicals and completed detergents..
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    6) This is our business and we've been selling these ingredient handbooks online since 2007, so we do not send the e-book until the funds cleared into the account - sorry - no money, no household ingredients formulae book.

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  • NO Reselling:
    By law, you are not allowed to resell or give away this book or material in any way.
    What you do with the products(once produced), now that is all in your own hands. Go forth and make money. (We keep a record of who buys the e-book, and only those people will be helped by Elmarie - we reserve our rights.)
    Also ask yourself, would you build your business or put people(and yourself) at risk by buying a 'unreliable/unproven' recipe from someone without the support system we offer our clients????
  • Personal care product recipes:
    We are working on the next e-book, containing the recipes for personal care products.
    Recipes: How to make shampoo (2 in 1 - shampoo, anti dundruff shampoo, oily hair etc.)
    How to make conditioner
    How to make Hand Cream
    How to make bubble bath, foam bath
    How to make bath oils
    How to make Liquid hand soap
    How to make Shower gel
    How to make body lotion
    and more How to make more personal health care products - the recipes/formulae.
    Again, this is commercial ingredients, to make commercial personal care products. None of these ingredients can be found in your kitchen or grow in your back yard.
    Please see the cosmetic ingredient list above, we will only have the basic cosmetics - no lip gloss/lipstick or make-up ingredients - like makeup mascara, sorry. - Not yet :)

    Update on Personal care products:
    Elmarie tested some products already and are still busy with some. We'll send an email to all people enquiring via email to us when these recipes are ready.

    Send me an email, and I'll give you all the details.
    Some people just send their name, no cell number. Then if the emails reject for whatever reason, we have no way of getting hold of you.

    If you do not have access to a PC, ask a friend to receive the e-book for you. They can print it for you, or save it onto a CD for the future.
    The other option would be an internet shop. Let them help you to create a free email account with gmail or yahoo etc.


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