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    3 Books for sale:

    Book1 - 30 recipes
    Book 2 - 20 Recipes
    Book 3 - 40 Recipes
    Book 1 = R499
    Book 2 = R470
    Book 3 = R600
    Support INCLUDED

    Combo A = Books 1 and 2.
    Combo B = Books 1, 2 & 3.
    Combo A = R870
    Combo B = R1,370
    Support INCLUDED

    (Combo A = 50 recipes)
    (Combo B = 90 recipes)

Order your Formulations here: Chemical & Detergents handbooks

  • SOUTH AFRICA, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland.
    We currently only sell these Chemical formulae handbooks in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe. (Please note for other international countries, you'll need to take a sample of the formulation to your local chemical supplier and ask them if they can supply you. Our recipes/formulations will work in the SADC countries, where other countries have different strength chemicals or other chemical names.

    For non-South African orders, see if you can arrange a payment in South Africa via a friend or family, we'll email the books directly to you. (Tele-Transfers incur extra costs on your side).

    30 Commercial Houshold Ingredients/Detergents Recipes

    ONLY R499 to start your OWN BUSINESS - Invoice below for the formulations e-book.

    Link here Book 1: For 30 Household Ingredients recipes

    Link here Book 2: For 20 Household Ingredients recipes

    Link here Book 3: For 40 Chemical formulations/recipes

    Link here Combo A: Books 1 and 2: For 50 Household Ingredients recipes

    Link here Combo B: Books 1, 2 and 3: For 90 Household Ingredients recipes

    The invoices above are for Standard Bank South Africa:

    FOR CASH DEPOSITS or If you don't need a printout/copy of the invoice for your books - then just use the account below. (Use your cell number as a bank reference and sms me your email address when the payment is done).

    Standard Bank: JD Welgemoed, Savings Account(E-Plus),
    Acc Number: 181160684 - Branch: 050220 (Burgersdorp)

    Total amount R499 for 30
    R470 for the 20 new detergent recipes (see link at top to view them)
    Or the total amount R870 for the 50
    And R1,370 for ALL the recipes we currently have - in total 90.

    For an easy list of the recipes we have follow this link:
      List of All 90 recipes

    The following 30 recipes are included in the 1st e-book:

  • How to make 2 in 1 Window and Surface cleaner
  • How to make Automatic Dishwasher Powder
  • How to make Air Freshener(Water based)
  • How to make All Purpose Cleaner
  • How to make All Purpose Cleaner GEL
  • How to manufacture Dash shine
  • How to make Dishwashing Liquid
  • How to make Drain Cleaner
  • How to make Dry foam Carpet Cleaner
  • How to make Engine Degreaser No 1
  • How to make Engine Degreaser No 2
  • How to make Fabric Softener
  • How to make Foam Bath
  • How to make Graffiti Remover(Wall stains)
  • How to manufacture Household Bleach
  • How to manufacture Household thickened Bleach
  • How to manufacture Heavy duty industrial Disinfectant (Black Dip)
  • How to manufacture High Foam Washing Powder
  • How to manufacture Liquid Hand Soap
  • How to manufacture Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • How to manufacture Low Foam Washing Powder
  • How to manufacture Multi Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser
  • How to manufacture Oven Cleaner
  • How to manufacture Pine Gel
  • How to manufacture Pine Disinfectant Gel
  • How to manufacture Sanitiser
  • How to manufacture Scouring Powder
  • How to manufacture Toilet Cleaner
  • How to manufacture Waterless Hand Cleaner
  • How to manufacture Window Cleaner

    Any problems/questions, please contact me directly:
    Johan Welgemoed : 083 571-2699
    Email :

    Our Cleaning Detergent handbook contains South African raw chemical names for all the products

  • NO Reselling:
    By law, you are not allowed to resell or give away this detergent book or any part of this material in any way.
  • NO ONE would buy from you anyway since we are the ONLY SUPPLIER of these chemical recipes that can change the actual chemicals in the formulae and still get the same product. (So if the Americans decide a raw chemical is bad for the ozone or something and a chemical is discontinued, we update our recipes and send them to our customers FREE OF CHARGE. (We reserve the right to decide what and when to send updates.)
  • Price:
    Our 30 commercial detergents handbook/recipes only ask for a small investment amount of R499 (South African Rand).

    Any comments or questions, please let me know or

    SPECIAL: 30 cleaning product formulae for ONLY R499 (Including Technical Support directly from the Chemical Industry)

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