50kg Drain Cleaner

Sodium Hydroxide flakes
Sodium Meta silicate
Aluminium filings

- Sprinkle 46.5kg Caustic in a suitably sized container
- Over the flakes, sprinkle 500 g Sodium Metasilicate
- Sprinkle 3 kg of fine Aluminium filings
- Mix thoroughly

Pack it,
Brand it
and Sell it.

Adopt the quantity to your specific needs.

(Free recipe - Drain cleaner)

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  • Easy to follow Detergent Ingredient Handbook
    With our South African recipes, you can follow the 25+ formulae in the Household detergent handbook with ease. Then we have the 2nd file in a Question and Answer type style, with tons of extra info, to prevent the detergent recipes book from becoming complex.
    At the pH strip example below, you can see how simple things are explained.

    Then we can refer you to a few other Detergent handbooks. These books have NOTHING to do with our book, and is an indication of what else you can find.

  • How do I check the pH level
    You can use the pH strips that can be bought from any Pool shop/Spar etc. that looks similar to the pH strip below.�The pH refers to the 3rd colour from the�right ( Darkest orange).
    The other colours on the strip is not of importance to you.

    pH measurement
    Should you place the pH strip into your product and the orange�turns red it means that the pH is too high.�If this is the case you need to add an acid to bring it down to neutral.
    If too low, it will turn light yellow to white and you would need an alkaline to up the pH. Depends on what you are making � i.e. Dish Washing Liquid - you can use either Citric Acid to bring it down and Caustic to up the levels.

    To be the same as water, the PH should be between 7.2 and 7.5

  • Handbook of Detergents: Formulations
    Price: R2,900.95 at Kalahari.com (Click on the photo below for more info to open in a new window)

    Country: USA (So naming conventions might be a problem for some South Africans).
  • OUR BOOKS ARE FOR SOUTH AFRICAN CHEMICAL NAMES, and not like these books below....

    Handbook of detergents - formulations - from Kalahari.net

    Beyond use in the consumer markets, detergents have applications ranging from serving as additives in automotive lubricants, to aiding in the cleanup and biodegradation of oil spills and other environments.

    Short description:
    Faced with many challenges and choices, formulators must choose the composition of detergents carefully. This text enables formulators to meet the demands of the complexity of formulations, economic and sustainability constraints, and reducing the impact of detergents on the environment to which they may eventually be released.

  • Handbook of Liquid Detergents
    Price: R3,100.95 at Kalahari.com if available(Click on the photo below for more info to open in a new window)

    Country: USA (So naming conventions might be a problem for some South Africans).

    Handbook of liquid detergents - formulations - from Kalahari.net

    A bestseller in its first edition, Liquid Detergents, Second Edition captures the most significant advances since 1996, maintaining its reputation as a first-stop reference in all fundamental theories.

    Short description:
    Provides fundamental theories, practical applications, and manufacturing aspects of liquid detergents. This book covers various rheology modifiers and thickeners for detergent applications, antibacterial and sensorial light-duty liquid products, color/fabric care and wrinkle reduction in heavy-duty liquid detergents, and more.

    Our Detergent handbook contains South African raw product/chemical names

    (Order your 30 Commercial Household Detergents handbook here)

  • NO Reselling:
    By law, you are not allowed to resell or give away this detergent book or any part of this material in any way.

  • Price:
    Our 30 commercial household detergents handbook/recipes only ask for a small investment amount of R499. (South African Rand). AND you get South African chemical names, so walk into ANY chemical supplier in South Africa and they know exactly what you need.

    Any comments or questions, please let us know - and for sample recipes:

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    Cleaning Product manufacturing book We supply the names of Chemical suppliers - Big national South African. We don't tie you in with funny names and then resell chemicals at high prices to you.